Our pedal strokes have taken us to our final European destination: Athens. Since our departure on September 23rd from Andorra, we have had:

– 140 days on the road

– 4,600 kilometers

– 11 countries

– 41,500 meters of elevation gain


One of the most exciting aspects of this adventure is that it has been done as a team. On the day of our departure, we were a caravan of 20 cyclists, and throughout our European journey, 6 KARABAN bikers joined us, covering a total of 4,400 kilometers wearing the KARABAN jersey.

It has been a long route filled with adventures in which we have crossed countries with incredible landscapes that have led us to people with warm hearts and an infinite hospitality. From this European stage, we have learnt many things, among which we have become conscious that each person is like a door that hides a small and unique world. Along our journey, we’ve been fortunate to get to know many of these small worlds. Sometimes, all it takes is knocking on the door.


Now, Africa awaits us.

Due to instability in North Africa, we’ve had to change the itinerary initially planned. While we wanted to avoid air travel, our priority was the safety of the cycling caravan and we’ve decided to start the African stage from South Africa. Thus, this second major stage through the African continent will commence from Cape Town and our pedals will start turning from the southernmost point of the continent. From there, KARABAN will head north with the goal of reaching Kenya. The route will take us through South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, and Kenya.


Europe made us pedal 4,600 kilometers with 41,500 meters of elevation gain. Africa awaits with 7,300 kilometers and 38,500 meters of elevation. Therefore, the main challenge won’t be the elevation but the varied terrain. In some places, we’ll have to cover long distances with limited access to water and provisions. Hence, we find ourselves in Athens organising all the necessary equipment and logistics to face this second major stage: the African challenge.


Below, you’ll find the map of KARABAN’s African route. Additionally, for those of you who bring yourselves to join the cycling caravan, you can check the dates and meeting points in the itinerary section on our website.

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