Check out our map and explore the route of our solidarity cycling caravan. We have divided the route into 1,000km sections so you can calculate when to join us and pedal with Karaban.


On the map, you can find approximate arrival dates for each point. If you have any questions, contact us at




  • Andorra: Starting point from the center of Andorra la Vella. Want to begin the journey with us?
  • France: Don’t enjoy uphill rides? Join us for a smooth route in France!
  • Italy: Who said you can’t transport bikes on a gondola?
  • Slovenia: Want to explore the Slovenian coastline?
  • Croatia, Montenegro, Albania: Fancy cycling with a sea breeze?


  • Corfu: The island that inspired “My Family and Other Animals.” We’ll ride it from north to south.
  • Greece: The final stretch in Europe before heading down to Africa.
  • Egypt: A cycling adventure in the land of pharaohs. Shall we pedal to the pyramids of Giza?
  • Sudan: A country of contrasts. Are you up for it?
  • Ethiopia: The terrain starts to climb… We’ll reach the highest elevation of the route: 3,055m.
  • Kenya: The last kilometers! Want to cross the finish line with us?

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