Cycling through Namibia has been a challenge that has tested our minds, bodies, and bicycles. Many of the bikepackers we follow on social media or that we have met along the way (no more than seven) end up skipping large parts of the route through Namibia due to the difficulty of cycling on these endless gravel tracks that traverse a dry and arid land with a very low population density, which means there is no infrastructure at all. Now that we’ve overcome the toughest part of the country, we can share with you how we managed it.

One of the key elements is to plan the route carefully to gather all the necessary information about places to stock up on food and water, as well as places to spend the night, whether it be campsites, hostels, or safe spots for wild camping. With this information, we plan our daily routes, ensuring there is a clear target for the number of kilometres to cover each day. Having a clear goal is immensely helpful for mental preparation. Physically, it also allows us to pace ourselves to reach the daily target.

Additionally, we always try to maintain a positive outlook and dismiss any negative thoughts. It’s crucial to be able to answer to yourself why you’re doing this and why you’re in the middle of nowhere, sometimes in very tough conditions. In this regard, knowing that each kilometre brings us closer to the goal of supporting Kings & Queens of Kibera is essential, as it gives purpose to what we’re doing and gives us the energy to continue and overcome the challenge.


Lastly, what fuels our strength is the reward of small achievements. In this sense, we’ve structured the KARABAN adventure in segments of 1,000 km. Celebrating the completion of each segment renews our energy for the next, making it feel as if the counter is reset. Small goals gradually bring us closer to the final objective.


Since this is a shared challenge, we also draw strength from the support and encouraging messages of many people, which encourage us to keep pedalling and believing in what we’re doing. Sharing the rides with the KARABAN bikers who join the cycling caravan adds meaning to the project’s concept. Sharing this grand adventure towards the charity goal is a significant learning experience, making it an unforgettable journey.

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