After covering over 2,000 kilometers, we have reached Venice! Throughout our journey, we stumbled upon an unexpected place for encounters: the entrances of large supermarkets. It has been a place for encounters and discoveries from Andorra to Italy. Let’s recall some of the people we’ve encountered in these spaces along our journey:


Near Carrù, Italy – Wednesday 25/10

As Elena leaves the supermarket, she spots an older man gazing at David with a particularly unique expression. He looks at him as if a world had suddenly unfolded before him! Eyes wide open and gleaming. When he stops to chat with us, we understand the reason behind his gaze. He tells us about when he was 30 years old and circumnavigated the globe, traveling from July to June, nearly a year. It’s delightful to witness how precisely he recalls his experience, a recollection that still brings a twinkle to his eyes.


Near Crescentino, Italy – Sunday 29/10

After completing our grocery shopping, we sit on the ground and eat some bread with ham and cheese. A lady has just parked her car in the supermarket parking lot. She steps out of her car, hands filled with chocolates – the kind with shiny, noisy wrappers. Approaching us with a radiant smile, she offers us the chocolates and wishes us a safe journey. Spotting our joy with her gift, she hurries back to her car and returns with hands even more filled with chocolates.


Near Pavia, Italy – Friday 03/11

Exiting a supermarket, an elderly woman approaches us. Smiling, she inquires about our journey. She  expresses admiration for our adventure and then remarks, “I envy people who are free. If I were to be reborn and someone told me I was born to be a wife, mother, and grandmother, I would cut off their ears.”

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